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    If You've Ever Traveled Before, These 19 Airport Pictures Will Make You Jealous AF


    1. This airport rents out little cabins that you can nap in.

    SchaarMax / Via

    2. This airport has a machine that prints out free short stories for you to read while you wait.

    MisallocatedRacism / Via

    3. This airport offers a station for people to learn CPR while they wait to board their flights.

    WhatIsASW / Via

    4. This airport has a station where you can pedal to charge your phone.

    bandofgypsies / Via

    5. And this airport has a full-blown work station for you to use, as long as you're willing to walk on a treadmill.

    FeeFiFoFuck_ / Via

    6. This airport bathroom has a button you can press to alert the staff that it smells.

    Markyhoof / Via

    7. This airport terminal has a freaking SLIDE!

    dbblaster0 / Via

    8. While this airport converted an old Cessna plane into a full-blown playground.

    Federico_Rosellini / Via

    9. This airport has a bathroom for dogs, complete with a fire hydrant.

    twotea / Via

    10. This airport found a way to accommodate plugs from all over the world — in one single outlet.

    Jellyfrank / Via

    11. This "Plane & Honest" stand trusts you to pay for your water, with no cashier needed.

    tlatwuk / Via

    12. This airport informs you how long it will take to walk to each gate.

    unlikelypisces / Via

    13. This airport has a machine where you can print "Welcome home!" banners for your loved ones.

    Elwood8534 / Via

    14. This airport keeps the customs line moving quickly by providing clear instructions on the floor.

    Raigar09 / Via

    15. This airport gives you a 25-cent reward for returning your luggage cart.

    i_da / Via

    16. This airport has a special telephone for saying "last minute goodbyes" to your loved ones.

    banjosbadfurday / Via

    17. While this airport lets you videochat your goodbyes with your loved ones, after you make it through security.

    awh / Via

    18. This airport in Athens, Greece has a museum for people to visit while they wait for their flights.

    alasporci / Via

    19. And finally, this airport has a library of books in a vending machine that you can check out for FREE with your library card.

    butt_dickz / Via

    H/T to /r/mildlyinteresting

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