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18 Wrong Number Texts That Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

A friendly reminder to be good to each other.

1. This person got a wrong number text from a very sweet grandma, and ended up receiving a box of homemade baked goods from her.

prplpineappls / Via

2. This guy tried to text an old friend of his for guitar advice — and ended up making a new friend named Karen instead.

yoscotti32 / Via

3. This young man meant to text his report card to his grandfather, but received congratulations on his good grades from a stranger instead.

Mr_Toontastic / Via

4. This person sent a wrong number text on Christmas, and it ended up being a lovely moment of fate.

genehil / Via

5. This hospital picture was sent to the wrong number, but the group of guys who received it sent back their wishes for a speedy recovery — and it made the family's day.

JVCXPC30 / Via

6. This young woman accidentally received an invitation to a wake, but she showed up anyway to pay her respects to the family.

7. This teen got a wrong number text from someone who works for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — and ended up getting a signed jersey for being honest.

8. This couple was accidentally sent some pictures from a random girl's graduation ceremony. They replied with their congrats anyway!

larzipans / Via

9. This man received a wrong number text from someone announcing their engagement, and he replied with some lovely advice for the couple.

jerryleebee / Via

10. This guy accidentally texted his house cleaning company instead of his wife — and the person who replied had an adorable perspective on it.

Redditaurus-Rex / Via

11. This person received a picture of homemade pies from a total stranger — and then got a nice recipe out of it.

thehosssauce / Via

12. This person decided to text a random number out of the blue, but it turned out to be exactly what the recipient needed to hear on a hard day.

13. This woman accidentally sent pictures of a dress to the wrong number, but she ended up getting a seal of approval from the family who received them.

14. This man sent his late father a text on Father's Day — and the person who has the dad's phone number now replied with some words of comfort.

I_Am_Batgirl / Via

15. And a similar situation happened here: This person texted their late grandmother a little message, and the person who has her number now encouraged them to text whenever they needed.

Boarbaque / Via

16. These two people started to get into an argument over phone number confusion — but when one person mentioned they were feeling depressed, the other replied with words of encouragement.

peregrinare / Via

17. This person received a wrong number text for "princess," and the two quickly fell in love.

18. Finally, this grandmother texted the wrong number an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. And even when she realized her mistake, she made it clear that the invitation still stood.

(And yes, they did eventually meet up!)

Let's all just be good to each other, people!


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