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    • stephend41becc41c

      I’m not a veggie either (could NEVER give up meat) but some of the best meals that I’ve ever cooked are vegetarian (mmmm, homemade falafel - hell, that’s even vegan!) A couple of other tips are: always keep some blanched veg in your fridge/freezer. Cook it in batches, then it’s only 2 mins away from being microwaved (and tastes as good as if you just cooked it from fresh). Always keep some skinned peppers in the fridge too. I tend to cook half a dozen at a time (20 mins under the grill, medium heat, til the skin blisters and goes black - then pop them in a bowl, cling film til they’re sweaty and cool enough to handle - the skin just slips off them). They’re then ready to throw into rice, pasta, omelettes… and taste AMAZING!

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