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This Guy's Cousin Made His Hair Look Like A Pineapple After He Lost A Bet

It looks pretty awesome, tbh.

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This is Hansel, who lives in Canada. Recently, he and his cousin made a bet, and the winner got to turn the loser's hair into whatever they wanted. Well, he lost.

So his creative cousin turned his hair into an exact replica of a pineapple.

Hansel Qui / Via

It's pretty perfect.

Hansel posted the photos of his new look on Reddit, and they got over 1 million views in two days.

The cousins' bet was over who could get the highest GPA and who could also do the most push-ups, Hansel told BuzzFeed News.

For Hansel's sake, it helped that his cousin does art as a hobby. "If I won it wouldn't look nearly as awesome," he said.

The 20-year-old kept the hair for the weekend, but said just some green hair remains. His parents "thought it was pretty cool but they wanted it cut."

RIP amazing pineapple hair.

H/t: Cosmopolitan