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    This Model's Baby With Down Syndrome Joined Her Agency After Finding Instagram Fame

    After mom Amanda Booth began sharing pictures of her son Micah on Instagram, thousands fell in love with him.

    Micah Quinones isn't even a year old yet, but he can already boast almost 15,000 Instagram followers.

    His love of the camera is genetic. His mom, Amanda Booth, is a model and actress who has appeared in campaigns for Target, Old Navy, Corona, and True Religion, just to name a few.

    But Micah is special for another reason besides being an Instagram sensation. When he was three months old, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

    Booth and her husband, clothing designer Mike Quinones, didn't know of their son's condition before he was born. After he arrived, a nurse told them it was possible Micah had Down syndrome because of his eye shape.

    The couple found out after doing a blood test. "My immediate reaction was fear," Booth told BuzzFeed News. "I hadn't known anyone who had Down syndrome, so I only had those prehistoric thoughts of what it would mean running through my head."

    After the initial shock, Booth said she soon realized that all she feared was the unknown, and she has learned to "go into this headfirst, and not be afraid."

    The model described her son as "the most fun-loving, spunky, determined baby I have ever met," adding, "If you think I'm biased, ask anyone else who's met him and I know they would surely agree."

    Before Micah was diagnosed, Quinones had started an Instagram account, called Life With Micah, to share pictures with friends and family. "It did not start as an advocacy account," Booth said.

    But pretty soon, Micah began to gain followers who fell in love with him on Booth's personal account. "There's a lot of ladies out there with baby fever (I was one of them), and who doesn't love a good baby account?" Booth said of Micah's popularity.

    In fact, Booth thought her son was such a natural, she has signed him with her own modeling agent. She hopes they can do bookings as a family, but said it would be "great" if Micah could get his own bookings, too.

    She said one of her main goals in sharing her family's photos is to bring hope to other families who have received a Down syndrome diagnosis.

    "I looked toward other families to gain an understanding of what would be to come. I hope we can be that for other people," she said.

    She added that she hopes the more she shares her life with Micah, the more good she can do. "Micah is just so darn beautiful inside and out, and [I want] to show that with the right nurturing any baby can thrive," she said.