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A News Anchor Had An Epic Rant After Hearing One Too Many Kardashian Stories

"I'm sick of this family, I can't take it anymore! It's a nonstory!"

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John Brown, the co-host of Fox35's Good Day Orlando, briefly walked off the set on Friday after raging about how he is tired of hearing about the reality show family.

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The show was going OK, until the topic turned to Kylie Jenner and her decision to name her new rabbit "Bruce." Brown declared he wanted to have a "good Friday," so he "refused" to talk about the Kardashians and walked out.


She clarified though on her Facebook page that there were no hard feelings, calling Brown a "goofball" who was "only joking."

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Kaufeldt later told a local radio show The News Junkie that Brown told her he was going to walk off the set before it actually happened, and he didn't just have a "meltdown" out of nowhere.

Brown told BuzzFeed News that he got the idea to walk out after seeing the story about Jenner on the teleprompter during the segment.

He said he nudged Kaufeldt and said, "I said if we have time to get to that story, I'm out of here."


The news anchor said that he is known on set for being sarcastic and having a sharp wit, so his producers and co-hosts weren't too shocked by his rant.

He said he got positive feedback, so they decided to post the segment online. He never expected it to get the response it did.

"The word that comes to mind is surreal," he said.

Since his rant went viral, Brown has gotten a ton of support on social media.

@Fox35John just became my new favorite TV personality😂 all for entertainment news but the only entertaining element to them is their $$$

A lot of people said they agreed with him.

@Fox35John congrats on taking a public stand against publicity for that non-news family! Agree 100%!

Since the response has been almost universally supportive, Brown said he thinks he clearly touched a nerve.

He said news organizations report often on the Kardashian family because they think viewers are interested in them, but maybe that is not the case.

“Everyone is thinking this, but no one had ever voiced the fact that maybe we are tired of hearing about this family," he said.