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This Mom's Facebook Post About Her Son's Inappropriate Santa Drawing Has The Best Comment Section

Who knew Christmas cheer could be so phallic?

Parents on Facebook are sharing hilariously inappropriate drawings their children have made for Christmas after a woman posted her son's drawing of Santa.

Elletia Thomas, from the U.K., shared the unintentionally crude drawing to a Facebook page last week for a blog called The Unmumsy Mum. Thomas wrote that she could buy the design on cards or gift tags from the school.


Thomas told BuzzFeed News that her 8-year-old son came home from school recently and proudly took the card out of his schoolbag and showed her his design.

"My initial reaction was an internal 'Oh my god, he's drawn a massive penis!'" she said. "But luckily, the mum controls took over and I told him it was fantastic and that I loved it."

The mother of three sons and two stepsons said she and her partner cracked up over it and decided to share it on Facebook to give "a few fellow parents a laugh."

"We can all relate to moments when our children do something hilarious but totally innocently," she said.

The picture soon received a ton of attention and has been liked nearly 15,000 times. Many parents soon began to share their own children's Christmas drawings that gave holiday characters some, um, interesting attributes.

One woman shared her 2-year-old's rendering of Rudolph, calling it a "Pinterest fail."

"Mummy thought handprints and footprints would make a lovely reindeer," she wrote. "Wasn't until I got to the preschool with the order form, I looked again and my innocence at the time of creation suddenly appeared wrong on so many levels, why on earth did we glitter the end of his 'nose.'"

Who knew Christmas cheer could be so phallic?

Of course, some kids had other ideas. For example, look at Santa driving his natural vehicle: the Ho-mobile.

And some kids had some sad endings for snowmen.

And this high-tech Jesus. "I turned the crib into a rocket," one mom said was her child's explanation.

Some other kids weren't limited to just drawings, though. Look at this child's creative Christmas tree topper, a "fish."

Thomas said she has loved seeing all the pictures and comments from other parents in response to her photo.

"It was nice to see so many other parents joining in and sharing funny parenting moments with each other," she said. "Especially those moments where you have to keep a straight face in front of your children, and pretend you're not seeing anything untoward."

Oh, and Thomas said she didn't shell out for the cards and gift tags with her son's drawing. But she did buy a mug featuring the design.

"[It is] a mug I shall cherish for many years to come," she said.

H/T Daily Mail