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A Dad And Son Dressed Up Like Each Other And No One Could Tell Them Apart

Who is who?

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The dad and son told BuzzFeed News that they work together, and Bobby has dressed up as his dad before.

"Realizing the potential for even more fake-outs, we knew we had to go big," they said.

They decided to dress as each other for Halloween, and spent days preparing for their big stunt.

"We started several days earlier by growing out facial hair to match the others," they said. "Then got together early that morning to trade clothes and do the makeup [grey goatee for Bobby, dark scruffy beard and eyebrows for Paul]. Paul had the toughest assignment — he had to wear false eyelashes to match Bobby’s. He has long thick eyelashes."

On Halloween, the duo went to a local brewery and fooled just about everyone.

Bobby and Paul Evers

"They all had to take a second glance or maybe even didn’t realize we were not ourselves until we spoke," they said.

Schumacher, who was with them on Halloween, agreed that it was really hard to tell them apart.

"They had everyone fooled on who was who on first appearance," he told BuzzFeed News.

Schumacher said he didn't tell his friend he was putting the photo on Imgur, and that "it's been a hilarious day."

Bobby and Paul Evers

The dad and son agreed that the reaction to their costume has been crazy, and said the comments have been a "total crack-up."

"It’s weird to think of millions of people staring and analyzing our faces and getting totally bamboozled," they said.