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A Photographer Is Trying To Solve The Mystery Behind These Beautiful Vintage Photos She Found

Thousands of people have joined in the hunt for the women featured in the pictures.

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A photographer from Virginia is on a mission to track down two women who were featured in a series of breathtaking vintage photos she found -- and thousands of Facebook users are joining her in her quest.

Meagan Abell wrote on Facebook last week that she found the photos while thrift store shopping.

"Now, I've seen plenty of vintage prints, but never a set of negatives that was in such beautiful condition," she wrote.

Abell wrote she originally thought the pictures were negatives, but later learned they were actually slide transparencies.


Some commenters have accused Abell of a hoax or said the photos aren't vintage at all.

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Abell responded that she is pretty convinced the photos are at least 20 years old.

"Maybe not the 50's perhaps, but I have talked with a well-respected film photographer who is convinced that the type of film is extremely old and hasn't been in production for at least 40 or so years," she wrote. "But nobody knows for sure yet. I'm open to ideas."


But the naysayers haven't stopped the quest to find the women. People are even sharing their own vintage photos to support their argument.


This commenter pointed out that it was possible to have photos from earlier than the 1950s that had the same level of "clarity and saturation" as the photographs. She posted this photo, shot in the 1900s, as her example.

Abell wrote on Facebook she is shocked that the photos have reached so many people, and that she is following up on "multiple" leads.

Facebook: alwaysabell

She told Mashable that she is excited to have shared the photos with so many, even if the mystery is never solved.

"I think it's amazing how so many people have fallen in love with these photos just as much as I have," she said.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Abell for comment.