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A Dad Surprised His Kids With His Military Homecoming By Dressing Up As A Gift From Their Elf

"They’ve made a wish to elf every evening asking him to bring their dad home because he’s been away so much this year."

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A soldier dad surprised his kids with his early homecoming by dressing up as a gift from their "Elf on the Shelf."

Ruth Stevens, 30, told the Plymouth Herald that all her kids, Alfie and Lily, kept asking of their elf this year was for their dad, Scott, to come home early from his work in the U.K.'s Navy.

"They've made a wish to elf every evening asking him to bring their dad home because he's been away so much this year," Stevens told the newspaper.

Her husband, who has been in the military for over a decade, has been deployed many times this year due to the refugee crisis in Europe, she said.

"The kids are just used to it really, the first couple of weeks are always harder and then the last week they are really excited," Stevens told the Plymouth Herald.

The children thought their dad was coming home next week. But the couple decided to throw a surprise by showing them wishes can come true.

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At first, Alfie and Lily were a little confused about what was going on. They wondered how the elf carried such a big present in...

But when they tore into the present, they saw their dad and totally freaked out.

"You missed him, three months, daddy's come back from the Navy for Christmas," their mom tells them. "Elf brought him home, how magic is that?"

Ruth Stevens said that the family is overjoyed to have her husband home.

"They went to school the next day [after the video] and Lily was telling the lollipop lady that the elf brought daddy home," she told the Plymouth Herald. "She just couldn't wait to tell everybody and since he's been home she's just been glued to him."

As for the elf? He wrote the kids he is taking a rest from all the excitement.

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