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This Guy Is Blowing Up Snapchat With His Hilarious Drawings Of Himself As Disney Princesses

"Itz ya gurl Tink."

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When he started out on Snapchat, White would just doodle random things on pictures. But pretty soon he began getting more detailed, and began swapping drawings of different characters with his friend.

Recently, White posted some of his snaps to Twitter. They since have been retweeted more than 10,000 times.


The drawings soon made their way to Tumblr. One post of the pictures got almost 100,000 notes.

Since his snaps started spreading through the internet, people have begun to send White their own Snapchat drawings. He said the drawings he's received have been "hilarious."

look at the snaps I keep getting.. 😹😹💜

The whole experience has been "unreal," White said. "Racks on racks of social media praise, all from fooling around on an app."