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This Guy Celebrated A Bachelor Party Alone After The Rest Of The Wedding Party Got Stranded

One is the loneliest number, especially at a bachelor party.

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Robbie Chernow was planning on a pretty solid Labor Day weekend. His friend Jake Katz was having his bachelor party in Chicago, and he was anticipating a great time.

Until Katz's flight, and that of every other member of the bachelor party, was cancelled. Chernow flew separately, and found himself alone in Chicago.

Chernow told BuzzFeed News that he had decided to fly JetBlue, and almost everyone else in the party was flying Delta. Their flight was delayed multiple times Thursday, before being cancelled due to weather.

He added that one other member of the party was flying Spirit Airlines from Baltimore, but his flight was cancelled due to weather as well.

Chernow had an entire day's worth of activities planned, but no one to do them with.

But the New Yorker and member of The People's Improv Theater decided to have fun with the whole thing. He did all of the group's planned outings solo, and posted pictures to Instagram with the hashtag #chicagoforone.

He said the whole thing started out as an inside joke, and his profile was private when he started posting the pictures.

"I posted to show them I was going on with the bachelor party without them," he said.

He went to a Bears game with all of his friends...

Talked to a family before the mom told her kids to "let the sad man be alone..."

And even decided to try out Tinder!

Some kind strangers took pity on him...

Like this woman! According to Chernow, she said "these sandwiches are normally meant to be shared, but you seem sad enough to finish one by yourself."

As time went on, Chernow said he received more and more Instagram likes. Friends encouraged him to open his profile to the public, and his pictures blew up online.

The 28-year-old said he was amazed with the response, both online and in real life. He said the people of Chicago were very happy to help him navigate the city. "A lot of people were on board with it and wanted me to take pictures with them," he said.

The groom finally arrived on Friday night.

But Chernow is still posting lonely updates for fun.

Chernow said his focus has now turned to how to make sure Katz has the best bachelor party ever, even if it is a little short.

He said that the party is suddenly being inundated with offers to get into clubs, and they even were invited to go on the field at the Chicago Cubs game.

"They are helping me make up and give Jake a great two-day bachelor party rather than a four-day bachelor party," he said, later adding, "Its just been a little bit surreal, we've got the Jay Z treatment."

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