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    This Baby Shower Card Won't Stop Crying For Hours After You Open It

    This is either a really funny gag or the meanest gift ever.

    Baby showers are a lovely time for parents-to-be to receive gifts that will hopefully prepare them for their new addition.

    But if you want to make a splash at the next baby shower you attend, here is the perfect gift for you.

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    You can now buy a prank baby shower card that plays a baby crying for at least three hours straight.

    What better way to get your friend ready for parenthood than to force them listen to a baby scream?

    The evil card is from Joker Greeting, a company that also makes birthday cards that play music for hours after you open them.

    The cards, originally launched on Kickstarter, will only stop playing the crying noises until they either run out of battery or are destroyed.

    Travis Peterson, who launched the products with his brother Nick, told BuzzFeed News that he has a 3-year-old and another baby on the way.

    He said his own experience influenced him to make the baby card in particular.

    "I think part of [parenthood] was already an inspiration, having lived through that," he said.

    Peterson said his cards will make noise for at least three hours, but many people have told him they last much longer.

    Still, he said most people love the cards rather than considering them a mean prank.

    "It's just really funny and it's a card that people actually remember," he said.

    So if you're evil enough, happy pranking!