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    13 Of The Best Litter Boxes You Can Get On Amazon

    Because even cats deserve to poop in luxury.

    1. A top entry litter box with a grooved lid to remove any leftover litter from your cat's paws. No more rogue litter pellets around the apartment!

    2. A decorative litterbox enclosure that will seamlessly look like a piece of furniture in your home so you don't have to look at that ugly litter box ever again. The hinged door also makes it really easy to take the box out to clean. A win-win!

    3. A sifting litter box because you have definitely once thought that scooping poop felt like scooping for gold. The top layer of the box unlatches and allows you to sift the litter through to the bottom, leaving the poop behind.

    4. A dome litter box with steps so your cat can truly feel like royalty as they descend these steps post-poop. The pan features a charcoal filter on top that will absorb any unnecessary odors as they arrive.

    5. An automatic litter box cleaner to take away that cumbersome chore of scooping your cat's litter box every morning. The hood provides additional privacy and it includes disposable trays and crystal litter.

    An image of a purple and white automatic self-cleaning litter box with a hood.

    6. A modern style litter box with a flip-top lid for easy poop-scooping access. The sleek design helps it look more like a quirky decor piece and less like an ugly litter box.

    a white little box with a lid that flips open halfway

    7. A top entry litter box with a grated lid to keep your floors clear of litter. The tall walls are perfect for those high sprayers and litter diggers we all love so much.

    An image of three cats on a black and white top-entry litter box. One cat is inside the box, one is on top of the lid, and the other is off to the side watching.

    8. A self-cleaning litter box you literally roll to one side so the litter falls into the poop trap. Then you roll it back and now you have a clean litter box for your cat to enjoy again!

    An image of a kitten inside a litter box. There is an opening to the left of the litterbox and. a latch to the right.

    9. A Litter Genie litter box with built-in flexible handles that make is so much easier for you to transport the litter box while cleaning.

    An image of a grey cat inside a litter box shaped like a bowl with flexible handles on each side.

    10. A hidden litter box cleverly disguised as a stylish decorative plant. Some reviewers spray paint the vase to match their home decor, which is a great way to make it blend seamlessly with your home.

    11. A litter box with a front door entrance that works one way so your cat has to come out through the top. This minimizes any runaway litter onto your floor.

    12. An automatic self-cleaning litter box ~without~ the hood because sometimes cats just don't like to be enclosed, and we just want our furbabies to be comfortable.

    An image of a white and purple automatic litter box with a grey cat on top.

    13. A litter box shaped like an adorable fruit for those people who just genuinely hate how ugly litter boxes can be. This box is not only incredibly adorable, but has a catch tray for loose litter and comes with a matching scooper.

    An image of a litter box shaped like a grapefruit. There is a catch tray in front of the opening and a swinging door to enter the box. There is a matching scooper.

    Your cat, feeling like royalty with their new litter box.

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