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Jun 2016
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    stephaniec41db30bf3 commented on People Are Sharing Advice They Thought Was "Useless" Until They Tried It And OMG

    My very Italian grandfather always told me “you hang out with shit, you become shit.” At the time, I was hanging with the wrong crowd and it helped me realize I didn’t want to become like them. I keep it in mind and choose my friends wisely. Best advice I’ve ever heard.

    2 years ago

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    stephaniec41db30bf3 commented on Tell Us The Funniest Thing That Happened While You Were In Labor

    The hottest resident I have ever seen walked in to check how I was progressing. After a few seconds, he stood and proudly proclaimed “Shes got quite a lot of hair!” At first I thought he was talking about me - because let’s face it, at that point I hadn’t seen my feet in weeks let… 

    3 years ago

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    stephaniec41db30bf3 commented on Show Us Your Most Adorable Puppy To Dog Transformations

    Six weeks vs. 3 years - still loves that alligator!

    4 years ago

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