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    9 Charts That Will Help You Pair Your Cheese And Wine Perfectly

    These cheesy charts are anything but cheesy!

    1. This one, which will be perfect for your next movie night.

    Missouri Wine / Via

    2. This one, which is perfect for entertaining wine and beer drinkers.

    Corri McFadden / Via

    3. This one, which is good to keep on your phone as a handy reference.

    Paper Moss / Via

    4. This one, which is so beautiful you'll want to frame it.

    Wine Folly / Via

    5. This one, because everyone needs as many options as possible!

    His And Her Wine / Via

    There are also specific charts for pairing French and Italian wine and cheese here, here and here.

    6. This one, which also teaches you how to accompany your cheeses with fruits, meats and nuts perfectly.

    The Suite Life Designs / Via

    7. This one, which is a perfect reminder when shopping for a beautiful picnic.

    Victory And Company / Via

    8. This beautiful chart that not only tells you what to pair, but why.

    Cabot Cheese

    9. And this guide that will help you pair your cheese with your wine, your meats, and even your crackers!