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25 People Who Are Totally Colour Blind


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1. U blind.

2. Losing her vision :(

It just turned white and gold..... BRB leaving planet earth.

3. What? No. No. No no no no, no.

If that's not White and Gold the universe is falling apart. Seriously what is happening????

4. Nooooooooo Alyssa noooooo.

5. Lol.

6. Going insane.

bruh its gold and white...whats the issue

7. Trolling.

8. Falsehood.

Yo, all I see on my TL is this ugly dress. ✌️ (which is gold and white btw js😁) 😭

9. Fool.

Thanks, dress. Now my husband and I are arguing and we'll probably get a divorce. #whiteandgold

10. Deception.

I see a #whiteandgold dress. What color u see?

11. Colour blind.

I have been staring at the dress waiting for it to ~change for me~ AND ALL I SEE IS WHITE AND GOLD

12. Lol no.

It's not just my brain that says #whiteandgold

13. Literally no.

Why are people arguing over the #whiteandgold dress? Yall need some help.

14. Untrue.

This has to be a joke, right?? I only see #whiteandgold...anyone with me?

15. Crying for your loss of vision.

16. Morons.

#Bolieve us -- it's #WhiteAndGold.

17. Nope.

Here is what I came up with after spending less than 1 minute in Lightroom. #whiteandgold

18. Nope.

whoever owns that dress deserves to die a slow and painful death for making us all rethink the meaning of life #WhiteAndGold

19. Incorrect.

But for real that dress is white and gold.

20. Bye.

This is crazy. It feels like an insane joke that half of the Twitter world is in on. It’s 100% #whiteandgold, THERE’S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

21. Wrong.

My mom just texted me "White and gold, duh"

22. That is false.

Someone please buy this dress for prom. #whiteandgold

23. Lies.

We think the dress is white and gold! Have your say here: #DressGate #9News

24. Fibs.

I'm gonna go with this explanation bc it makes sense to me! #whiteandgold

25. Fan fiction.