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19 Ways To Procrastinate During Your Exams

For that one exam that you just couldn't even deal with.

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Before the exam:

1. Binge-watch your favourite TV shows.

2. Hang out with your friends.


3. Lose yourself in an Internet spiral.

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4. Learn how to cook a new dish.

5. Re-read your favourite book.

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6. Catch up on sleep.

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7. Go shopping.

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8. Clean out your closet.

During the exam:

9. Count the ceiling tiles.


10. Be Britney:

11. Write anything so it looks like you're busy.

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12. See if you can recall every single scene from your favourite movie, in order. It's like watching the movie in your head!

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13. Think about "Kitten Mittons."


14. Plan a holiday in your mind.

15. Think about what you'll buy your loved ones this holiday season.


16. Try to silently connect with your classmates about how fucked you are.


17. See how many reality TV stars you can name off the top of your head.

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18. Silently resent your classmates.


19. Take an eyes-open nap.

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After the exam:

Look at your classmates like this:

Walk the fuck out of there with your head held high.