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    18 Video Struggles That Today's Teens Will Never Understand

    Tracking. Issues.

    1. The frustration of wanting to watch your favourite tape but having to wait for it to rewind first.

    2. The general quality, or lack thereof.

    3. The struggle of trying to get the tracking on your VHS just right.

    4. And if the quality was still bad, having to check the tape and blow on it in an attempt to fix it.

    5. When you accidentally left your video in the car on a hot day and it melted.

    6. Having only one copy of your home movies. There was no backing them up on a computer.

    7. When the tape got caught in the player and literally just fucked your life up.

    8. ...and trying desperately to fix it by twisting the white reels to get the tape back inside its casing.

    9. When you didn't get to the video store in time and they were out of the new release you wanted.

    10. Trying to find an exact spot in a movie or show with no chapter selection, just blindly fast-forwarding and rewinding.

    11. Not having an option to skip sections, just having to sit there fast-forwarding.

    12. The struggle of finding a blank tape to record your favourite shows.

    13. The pain of seeing that someone had recorded over your favourite show even though you'd broken the little square to prevent just that from happening.

    14. The struggle to find space to store all your taped videos.

    15. ...or just VHS tapes in general.

    16. Also the deterioration of your very favourite tapes through overplaying.

    17. The struggle of having to get up to change movies.

    18. And when you forgot to tape your show, it was basically gone forever.