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    19 Times Tumblr Nailed The Struggles Of Being Gluten Free

    Envy and sadness and worry, oh my.

    1. When you get left out of something you really, really want to partake in.

    2. When you take a vitamin and immediately realise the error of your ways.

    3. When people ask you if you can "cheat".

    4. When none of the specials are gluten free.

    5. When you're personally offended by your Tumblr dash.

    6. When you're out to dinner with a bunch of wheat eaters.

    7. When you realised you fucked up.

    8. When you're not just a part of a ~fad~.

    9. When you miss your old, wheaty world that was so nice.

    10. When a kiss can literally make you ill.

    11. When you dream about foods you can't eat.

    12. When you need three times the freezer space than the average person.

    13. When you have to travel with food so that you don't starve.

    14. When gluten free alternatives just aren't the same, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that they are.

    15. When people don't believe you.

    16. When travelling is 100 times more difficult than it should be, because you're terrified of being poisoned.

    17. When you make a gluten free alternative to one of your favourite meals and then say things like "you really can't even tell the difference!" ...a lie you will try to convince yourself of until the end of time.

    18. When you suffer from this specific form of jealousy.

    19. And when your digestive system had one job...

    20. The struggle is real.