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    The 20 Stages Of Travelling With Your Best Friend

    Alternate title: I love you but I might have to kill you.

    1. You're about to go travelling with your best friend, and you can't wait!

    2. You meet up with your bestie, and the adventure begins!

    3. You talk at a mile a minute to pass the time; this trip is going to be perfect!

    4. Eventually you're all talked out, and you both pass out from exhaustion.

    5. You finally reach your destination. This is going to be the best trip ever!

    6. You're crazy tired from all the travelling, but you want to at least wait until nighttime to pass out, so you venture out into your destination in a haze of jetlag, confusion and delirium...

    7. ...and things get weird.

    8. But you have a great time!

    9. Eventually you both crash, and the next day it's a real struggle to even get out of bed.

    10. Finally, you both drag yourselves out of bed. You visit new places, experience new things, and it's amazing to do it with your fave friend...

    11. ...and your best friend is the only one who can make the boring downtime of a holiday tolerable. Fun, even!

    12. With each day, you find out something new about your BFF, even though you've known them forever.

    13. As the days go on and you're together 24/7, you begin to get on each other's nerves.

    14. The tension between you grows as you tire of each other's presence, and you fight.

    15. But as soon as you fight, you remember all the reasons they're your best friend and immediately want to make up with them.

    16. Soon enough, you're back to laughing and having the best time ever...

    17. ...and you understand them better now, which actually cements your friendship even more.

    18. Eventually, the trip comes to an end, and you can't wait to go home.

    19. At the airport, you and your bestie agree that you've spent A LOT of time together on this trip, and maybe you need a little break from one another.

    20. But as soon as you get home, you find yourself missing your friend already, so you call them and make plans for tomorrow.

    21. And when you catch up with them, it only takes five minutes before one of you asks where your next holiday destination should be, because despite the ups and downs, travelling with your BFF is THE BEST.