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15 Things We Learned From Tinashe In Australia

"Is it... meat?" Tinashe asks, about Vegemite.

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It's real! Actually, for some reason, flying over here is a lot easier than like, going to London, which is a really awkward [time difference]. This is almost SO EXTREME that it almost works, in a way? I don't know. I've been working it out, I've been all right. I've had like three teas today and I feel pumped!
You definitely learn how to sleep in just like, random environments for two hour increments. Like "oh, we got a little car ride? OK, nap time!" or "oh, we have an hour 'til the show?" *drops on the table to demonstrate napping* I mean, you just go with it, you know? I really appreciate the fact that I'm working and that I'm busy so I just don't take it for granted.
I've loved it so far! Yeah, I mean, it's been amazing! The weather's great, I'm from California so you know I love me some sunshine. So I'm just happy that it's sunny and beautiful!
I wanna jet ski sooo bad! Like, SO BAD! I've been telling everyone! I've been like "I'm not going back to America until I ride a jet ski!" So, some way, somehow! They're telling me Perth and Melbourne are better to jet ski, like... whatever. You guys just want me to do press, I get it! *laughs*
No! It sounds so scary! Is it... meat?! I'll try it! I'm down to try things. Doesn't mean I'll like it, though!
Ummm, I learned that the Great Barrier Reef is kind of out of the way! *laughs* I wanted to go there and I was like "isn't that in one of the four major cities?!" and they were like "nooo, you gotta take a plane there." I wanted to go there!
Well the show is definitely dynamic. I play a lot of songs from my mixtapes and my older stuff, and then also my material from my new album. I like for it to be a journey, like I like my music to be a journey. I like there to be moments where it feels intimate, where it feels dialed back, and then for it to have a lot of energy, also. At the end of the day, I want people to leave just feeling pumped up, inspired!
We're trying to BRING IT BACK! I've been dancing since I was four. I started ballet, and tap, and jazz and hip hop, I was trained from age four to 18, I danced like, 15 hours a week, I was on a competitive dance team, so for me, that was just a huge part of my life and growing up, and it always seemed natural that I would incorporate that into the artist that I wanted to be. Like, the "Slave 4 U" Britney Spears, I looooooved that. I lived for those performances, so it just seemed natural to me that I would do that as well. I'm excited to have more performances like that in the future!
Yeah, it was crazy! It was the Charlie Sheen days, so it was super fun to be part of such an iconic show! It was also a sitcom, which was really fun, 'coz there's a live audience and you're on camera! It was just a cool experience.
At the end of the day, this has been the key for me: I tried to create the music that I want to hear. I'm naturally influenced by things that I like and just go by my own taste and try to put out music that I like. If I feel like I like it, then I know that at least someone out there is gonna like it, and it's served me well so far! I feel like I have multiple, different sides of who I am as a person, just as everyone does, and I think that comes across in my music. I try to have a little bit of diversity. I don't like to be like, stuck in one box and you always expect a certain, exact sound from me. I want to have a high energy song, and a vibey song and this other type of song, I think it's cool!
Andre 3000! Because, he's amazing, and he would be really, really interesting to work with. I just feel like he's so creative, it would be great to work with someone like that. Just to pick his brain would be awesome!
Well, I'm working on new music right now, so we're gonna release it as soon as it's done, but obviously right now I'm focused on touring. "All Hands On Deck" is actually the next single, and it has a feature, but it's not out yet, it's out very soon! After that, I'm going on tour with Iggy Azalea in the States, so that will be in April/May, and then we hit June and WHO KNOWS what's going to happen after that?!
It's the silliest thing in the world! I think it's great that I have a voice. Honestly I feel like sometimes you need to be able to ignore it, because it is what it is and it's gonna be what it's gonna be. Like, it's not necessarily right that I shot it down, but I was just annoyed, because people kept bringing it up! The first time people said it I just ignored it, I was like "whatever. It's stupid." Second time? "Whatever. It's stupid." The third time? I was like "ALL RIGHT! ENOUGH'S ENOUGH! I HAVEN'T SEEN FUTURE IN TWO YEARS!" In a way, I do appreciate things like social media because it does give you that platform to be able to express yourself if you feel like you need to clear the air, so yeah, I can appreciate that, for sure!
Ooh, something you don't know? Umm, maybe that like, I'm not as outgoing or as social as people would probably assume. I love the performance element of what I do, and meeting my fans and stuff, but then, in my own time, I like to just be alone and be in my zone. I have a really, really small circle. I have like, one best friend and I spend a lot of time with my family, I'm just... kind of weird like that! But it works for me! It keeps me focused. I can trust the people around me. I feel like when you reach a certain level you get surrounded by a lot of yes men, and that tends to lead you off track, because you never have real opinions from anyone, so it's important that I trust the same people and keep those people in my little bubble.