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    The 27 Stages Of Doing Karaoke

    From singing in the shower to ~crushing it~ on the karaoke stage.

    1. Singing in the shower, weeks beforehand.

    2. Realising you sound amazing.

    3. Thinking "the world needs to hear me sing this song".

    4. Suggesting karaoke to your friends.

    5. Planning a night of drinking and karaoke.

    6. Feeling nervous about singing in public.

    7. Drinking.

    8. Drinking more.

    9. Drinking again.

    10. Getting drunk enough that you are ready to sing.

    11. Selecting your jams.

    12. Singing.

    13. Thinking "oh God this is nervewracking".

    14. Drinking more, again.

    15. Performing again.

    16. Thinking "I am slaying".

    17. Putting ALL YOUR SONGS ON IN A ROW.

    18. Not wanting to ever give up the microphone.

    19. Taking a break, to drink (and to let someone else take a damn turn).

    20. Realising your throat is sore.

    21. Singing some more.

    22. Realising your throat is ~raw~.

    23. Thinking "it's probably time to go home".

    24. Having a post-karaoke sore throat for three days.

    25. Remembering that your friend has video evidence of you screaming an embarrassing song.

    26. Feeling low-key mortified.

    27. Repeating the whole process in a few months, after your feelings of mortification have subsided.