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    The Veronicas Tell Us Where The Hell They've Been Since 2009

    It's not enough to say that we missed you, Jess and Lisa!

    On where they've been:


    Jess: We've been locked away in the studio, pretty much. That, and living our life. We've done a lot of traveling and things like that. We've been falling in love, out of love, we spent a lot of time in Nashville, I spent a lot of time in Chicago...

    Lisa: Kind of just falling in love with music again...

    Jess: Yeah, just rediscovering ourselves as artists, and constantly growing as songwriters, working with the most amazing people, people that we're huge fans of.

    Nick Wray / BuzzFeed

    Lisa (left) and Jess Origliasso, a.k.a The Veronicas

    On why they took such a long break:

    Jess: We had legal stuff going on with our old record label so it took us that long to get off them... and we've been also been making this record that's coming out in November. We're very excited. But it has been an intense process. We weren't able to release music in that time, we were basically held... um... yeah, which was very frustrating as artists, as obviously we wanted to be releasing...

    Lisa: Just dying to get music out to our fans!

    Jess: Yeah, and to be touring, and we couldn't do any of that. We just sort of wrote about our feelings in that state, and a lot of that's made the record, *laughs*.

    On how they feel about returning to music now:

    Lisa: Oh my gosh, it's the best feeling in the world. We have such a team of people around us now that are just so passionate about what we do and are on the same wavelength is a blessing in itself, so we're just so excited!

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    On the inspiration behind the music video for "You Ruin Me":

    Lisa: Well [Jess] came up with it! We actually recorded the song and were flying back to Brisbane that night, and Jessie sort of started to...

    Jess: I was listening to it, like a total dork, on the plane, we'd literally just recorded it, so I only had a voice note of the playback, and I took the earphones out and I was like "Lis! I've got the concept for the video!" And it was the ballet thing.

    Lisa: It started from there...

    On whether the next video will answer the cliffhanger at the end of "You Ruin Me":

    Jess: That was the original concept, was to do a "to be continued," but whether we do that or not is to be decided.

    Lisa: We'll see...

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    On what made them choose "You Ruin Me" as the lead single:

    Jess: Just the vulnerability and raw emotion. You know, for us, that song [sets] us apart [from] music on the radio. We don't really like to do what people expect, we never have. After our first record, with the pop-rock sound, we then went into an electro sound. At the time, it was really hard to get "Hook Me Up" or "Untouched" played on the radio, because if it didn't have guitars in it, they didn't want it. So they were like "What is this electro music, you can't do this, you've gotta give us something with guitars!" We fought really hard to get those songs played on the radio, and after that, Gaga started and other artists, and now it's hard to get anything with guitars played on the radio! So for us to release this song, and to release something that is far more vulnerable just felt right.

    Lisa: I think it's just really brought us back to the power of lyrics.

    On what we can expect from the new album:

    Jess: It's an evolved version [of our past records]. If things were one dimensional on the first and second record, like, we would say exactly how we felt, and it was all just, total passion, we really didn't overthink it, we just put down what we were feeling, [this record] is more, 3D-4D... just bringing 4D in there.

    Lisa: I like that, Jess.

    Jess: There's more depth and there's more thought, and more light and shade...

    Lisa: The way we express it can be a little deeper, in a way. Yeah, it's more sophisticated.

    Jess: Yeah, because we're more sophisticated! A little bit, not too much! I mean, I'm still basically in my pyjamas...

    Lisa: And you're not wearing pants today...

    Jess: IN MY MIND, I might be a little more sophisticated!

    On the sound of the new album:

    Jess: Sonically, the songs are quite varied; there's trip-hop influence, there's super pop songs, like, the most pop songs we've written, and then there's more rock, and swampy blues, and there's a little bit of country on there, too!

    Lisa: It's a very eclectic record. I was saying, when someone asked me to describe it, I just said "It's so unpredictable." I think people will think with The Veronicas, because we've had success with very rock/pop, that that's what we're gonna give, but it's a very unpredictable record. All of our little bits of our personality, injected into each song."

    Jess: But it still has that impulsive... we're very impulsive with our emotions, and we really write from that place, but there's a couple more love songs on it, maybe? Or, a different take on love. I mean, most of our songs are about love...

    Lisa: ... Commitment...

    Jess: Yeah, things like that. There's some really pop tracks on there. People like to hear that there's still a lot of pop!

    Lisa: Of course! We're in love with pop music.

    Jess: We're the biggest Michael Jackson fans on earth and he's the king of pop, that's what we grew up [with], so that's never gonna change.

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    On their next single:

    Lisa: It's a big secret! Actually, I have something to tell you! You can hear a tiny snippet of it at the beginning of the video clip of "You Ruin Me," so we're playing it in the car when we pull up to the theatre in the video.

    Jess: The reason we don't want to announce it yet is they switched the first single on us three weeks before release, so we might decide again, with our gang of peeps, that we're gonna do a totally different song.

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