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27 Times Ruby Rose's Instagram Gave You Life

***Flawless. Queen. Of. Australia. (And Litchfield.)

1. When the idea of being stuck in a car for hours was suddenly way more appealing.

2. When you wished that Ruby was talking about you when she quoted "Bonnie and Clyde '03".

3. When she was a goth queeeeeeeeen.

4. When this photo was all your squad goals.

5. When you wanted nothing more than to be sitting next to Ruby, throwing shade together.

6. When she was sick in bed and literally still looked ***flawless.

7. When twinning with Ruby was all your life goals.

8. When she was literally the only person in the world able to pull off this haircut.

9. When you were also giving a double thumbs-up to her adorable grin.

10. When she was basically eye-fucking your soul???

11. When she was wearing a snorkel and was still serving you a look.

12. When she perfected the art of the slightly lifted brow.

13. When this bathroom selfie was literal perfection.

14. When this was basically the coolest photo ever taken????

15. When this photo made your heart melt.

16. When she was totally cute while also munching down a burger.

17. When she served you this tasteful nude.

18. ...and also this one.

19. When this smoky eye was literally everything to you.

20. When she was bosom buddies with Biebs.

21. When she rocked blonde just as well as her signature raven locks.

22. When her '90s singer-songwriter aesthetic was the best.

23. When she held a chicken and looked amazing.

24. When she gave new meaning to the term "travelling in style".

25. When she was the very definition of "eyebrows on fleek".

26. When she posted this and you were like, "YAAASS PREACH".

27. And when she knew what was up.

Slay, Ruby! Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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