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    Posted on 24 Nov 2014

    Reminder Of The Time Heath Ledger Kissed Sharon From "Kath And Kim" At The AFI Awards

    "Heath rash."

    Back in 2006, Heath Ledger attended the AFI Awards. Magda Szubanski, as her Kath and Kim character Sharon, also attended the ceremony, bumping into Heath on the red carpet.

    Sharon reacted the way any regular person would've reacted to being in Heath's presence — she fangirled hard.

    Heath reacted the way every fangirl wishes the object of their affection would react:

    With a smirk and a smack of his gum, Heath carried on working that red carpet like a pro.

    Meanwhile, Sharon reacted the way any fangirl would...

    The interaction carried on throughout the ceremony, with Sharon coming down with a bad case of "Heath Rash."

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