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    The 14 Most Convincing "Pretty Little Liars" Fan Theories

    Warning: Spoilers????

    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best Pretty Little Liars theory. Here's what they came up with...

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    1. Aria is 'A'.

    I still believe that Aria is 'A'. She is always acting shady and nothing bad ever happens to her until now, when she's trapped in the "dollhouse" with the girls. But she could be doing that purposely as a cover. There's just something suspicious about her. And her NAME begins with A for God's sake.

    Submitted by Kdoyle225.

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    2. Toby, Charles and Bethany are triplets.

    I don't think Charles is Jason's twin. I think Charles is Toby and Bethany's triplet. Charles, Toby, and Bethany are Mrs. Cavanaugh's biological children. However, they were adopted by Mrs. DiLaurentis. I have a feeling that Mrs. DiLaurentis and Mrs. Cavanaugh are sisters, or related in some way, because Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted Bethany to call her "Aunt". And Mrs. C and Mrs. D certainly look similar...

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    This theory would explain something that happened in a prior season that never made sense to me. Remember when Spencer found Toby's dead body in the woods, and she freaked out and got sent to Radley? Something that would actually MAKE sense, would be if that really WAS Toby's dead body in the woods, and now the person we think is Toby, is actually Charles.

    This explains Toby's recent bizarre behavior. He's been ignoring his relationship with Spencer, and has suddenly developed a need to be on the police force out of NOWHERE. I think he wants an alibi, and he wants to know what's going on from the inside so he doesn't get caught. I also think this explains why Charles didn't harm Spencer when he found her in his little 'A' cave, watching his home movies. Charles could have developed some kind of affection for her.

    This also explains why they've spent so much time throughout the seasons focusing on Mrs. Cavanaugh, her declining mental health, and suicide/murder at Radley.

    Also, we never really get an accurate timeline of what the girls are doing in the dollhouse vs. the real time of when the cops find the barn. So Toby/Charles very well could have been at the whole creepy dollhouse prom, and then had time to go home, and find the barn with the police the next day.

    AND the most important clue of all... remember when Hanna realised in a past season that some dental records had been switched, and if they could find out who switched the dental records, they could find out who 'A' is? Well the name Hanna discovered written on the list of people who had signed in recently to the dentist's office was "C. Cavanaugh".

    Toby's "901 Free At Last" tattoo could mean something totally different than what we were lead to believe!

    Submitted by Kate Greener, Facebook

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    3. This classic "Ali has an evil twin" theory.

    Ali has an evil twin sister but the twin sister killed the real Ali and now is pretending to be Ali but is actually just fucking with everyone.

    Submitted by Holly May, Facebook.

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    4. Andrew is Charles.

    My theory is that Charles is Andrew, the guy "dating" Aria, and that he's either Jason's twin or younger brother by a year or so. People questioned how Andrew could be Charles because then he would be the same age as Jason, but if he suffered from a split-personality disorder ("twin"), Mrs. DiLaurentis & her husband may have committed him to Radley, and he would've missed out on a few grades, putting him in Aria & co.'s class. He grew resentful of being put in Radley, hence why he killed his mother (maybe she forced him there and his father was more hesitant). Andrew is tied to this in some way, otherwise why bother introducing him to viewers at all?

    Submitted by Alexandra Capotorto, Facebook.

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    5. Maya is alive.

    My short theory is Maya is most definitely alive and hiding her sneaky ass out there somewhere. They never found her body...

    Emily's mom said, "They think it's Maya's body," and her "killer" never confessed he actually killed Maya.

    Submitted by Tony Sanchez, Facebook.

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    6. CeCe Drake is transgender; was born as Charles DiLaurentis.

    I think CeCe Drake is Jason's twin. She is blonde and around the same age as Jason, and it makes sense. Perhaps Charles is transgender, and her parents (Mrs. DiLaurentis) tried to accept her as CeCe (for example, the second dress in the piano). They probably tried to keep it a secret to protect the family (which is why Mr. Hastings was worried when Mrs. Hastings said "no more secrets"). I believe she was sent to live with another family, which would explain why no one knows CeCe is Charles.

    CeCe pretended to be Ali while in Radley, which explains Bethany complaining about Alison in her tape recording. She was jealous of her parents' love for Ali and also Mrs. D's relationship with Bethany. The situation escalated, and a rivalry developed between Bethany and CeCe, and CeCe killed Bethany. Mrs. DiLaurentis knew about it and tried to protect her daughter CeCe by covering up the murder, but CeCe was too much for Mrs. DiLaurentis to deal with. Mrs. D was going to e-mail CeCe "I can't protect you anymore", but CeCe killed her before she had the chance. Ali doesn't know who CeCe really is - but CeCe knows who Ali is. This is why CeCe has been a friend to Alison.

    This also explains some of A's tricks: The dollhouse, for example. CeCe is obsessed with making the Liars her dolls because she was never allowed to play with dolls as a child. Simple things like this stuck with CeCe forever, and now she is after Ali, the Liars, and everyone who ever hurt her. Also, CeCe was in the N.A.T. club with Jason, Ian, and Garrett, although they do not know who she is. She also supposedly dated Jason (which is really disturbing) and I believe she either knew what she was doing (when he didn't) or she fully believed that she was not his brother anymore (because, since then, Charles had become CeCe). In truth, no one knows the mental state of CeCe, but I'm willing to bet she's rich enough, smart enough, and crazy enough to be A.

    And a bonus tidbit: Mona's return was foreshadowed, in a way, but none of us realised it, and now my hindsight bias is kicking me because I feel I should've noticed something strange! So, what is with her in the trunk? A baby Jesus statue. Jesus was resurrected/came back to life, so Mona did too. A very subtle hint. Not entirely sure, but I think this was more than just a coincidence!

    Submitted by Daniel Massoud, Facebook.

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    7. Ezra is Charles/A.

    Ezra. He's obsessed with books, and there's been a lot of references to Breakfast at Tiffany's. He called Alison "Holly Golightly", and he was Paul Varjak. His false 'A' reveal was a cover-up, like the episode that Spencer talks about the author who wrote a book to cover a crime they were about to commit, calls it "genius". He may not be a blood Fitzgerald, I think he was possibly adopted into the Fitzgerald family, from a family in Rosewood (possibly The Hastings?). Charles could be his middle name.

    Also, in college his friends called him 'Z', 'A' could be his alter ego?

    Or he's manipulating Charles, Andrew, etc.

    Something tells me Ezra is behind everything.

    Submitted by Hillary Loucks, Facebook.

    ABC Family

    8. Charles is Ali and Jason's mentally ill brother.

    In the home video, Mrs DiLaurentis says "wanna say goodbye to your sister, and give her a little kiss? Oh, what a good boy you are!"

    The only thing that I can come up with is Alison and Jason having another brother. I've read some stuff about the DiLaurentis attic where Hanna was in the Christmas episode and where there is supposedly a canvas with a baby drawing and the letter "C". I think Charles was mentally ill, maybe Ali did something to Charles as a child that got him committed to Radley and that's why he is obsessed with controlling her life. He tried to hurt her when she was three (broken arm) and got send off to Radley. He kept being jealous and tortured Alison and her friends. There's just a lot of shit that doesn't add up.


    - In the Christmas episode (I think), Jason tells Ali that their family has a few photo albums of Ali as a baby and none of Jason...

    - Also: the picture in the room and the dolls display a family of 4 but the girl is older than the boy.

    - They were acting out prom of 2009 I think that was Jasons and Melissa's prom.

    Submitted by Charlotte Amber Barnhoorn, Facebook.

    ABC Family

    9. Charles *is* Jason.

    Charles is in fact Jason. He killed him and took his place after the elevator accident, killed their mother and now is seeking for revenge for being forgotten. Makes sense now why Mrs D. was protecting the person that hit Alison, because was her own child that she sent away for some reason.

    Submitted by Ayllime Rocha, Facebook.

    ABC Family

    10. Charles *is* Jason, theory #2.

    So if Mona is alive then who is in the barrel? I think Charles is Jason's identical twin and he has already killed Jason and that's who is in the barrel. It kinda makes sense because originally when Jason and Spencer found out they were siblings they got really close. When he came back after Ali came home he was really creepy and he wouldn't talk to Spencer. I think it because it was Charles. He took Jason's place after he killed him.

    Submitted by faithr4009c600c.

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    11. Toby is Charles.

    I think it's Toby. Maybe he's Jason's twin and was put up for adoption? There's been 2 cases, one in the blind school and one In the dentist where we see the signature C. Cavanagh.

    I also think the "Charles" in the mask wasn't A. I think it was maybe CeCe. - which would also explain the blonde girl in Mona's attack video.

    Submitted by kirstyd4b09a40cb.

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    12. The old "it was all a dream" theory.

    The girls wake up in the barn and all was just a "nightmare". And the lesson is "don't lie".

    Submitted by Gabi Meza, Facebook.

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    13. The "nothing is real" theory.

    It's all a story someone in Radley made up. All the people are imaginary characters.

    Submitted by meeshar.

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    14. And this.

    "My theory is that the writers and producers of PLL have no idea what they're even doing anymore."

    Submitted by Courtney Michelle, Facebook.

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