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23 Photos All Aussies Who've Travelled To America Will Relate To

TFW you looked the wrong way crossing the street and almost got run over.

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1. When you didn't drink enough water on the 14-hour flight.

2. When you know you need to stay up until night to fix your jet lag but you really, really want a nap.

3. When you're too jet-lagged to speak.

4. When you're disoriented and can't remember what day it is.

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central

5. When you're finally over your jetlag.

6. When you missed the traffic lights because they didn't make a sound and you were looking at your phone.

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7. When you realise all the alcohol is stronger and available at convenience stores.


8. When you see that they sell cigarettes at the pharmacy.

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9. When the bartender free pours your drink.

10. When the exchange rate is working for you.

11. When you go into Walmart for the first time and it's so huge and everything is so cheap and you get overwhelmed.

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12. When you're trying to work out whether you need to tip someone, and if so, how much to tip them.

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13. When you spend five minutes counting out the exact change, figuring out how much a dime is worth, only to realise that tax isn't included and you need something random like 7.5% more money than you counted.

14. When you taste the coffee for the first time.

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15. When you want milk for your coffee but all they have is that weird Coffee Mate stuff.

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16. When you taste soda for the first time and you're trying to put your finger on what's so different about it.

17. When you post a selfie with In-N-Out.

18. When you just want some damn Vegemite.

19. When you see your food coming at a restaurant and the serving is MASSIVE.

20. When you try the Mexican food for the first time.

21. When people give you directions using the Imperial system.

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22. When you almost got run over because you looked the wrong way while crossing the street.

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23. And when it's time to go home.