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18 Moments That Every Australian Has Experienced

Alternate title: Why it's actually good to know someone who likes chicken Twisties, even though they're obviously nuts.

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1. When you had to find a way to overcome this very real struggle.

2. Your first job.

3. The best day of your week and life.

4. This deception.

5. The first time you had this fight.

6. When this got stuck in your head.

7. ...and when this is stuck in your head.

8. The first time you had to work out if it was ~real~ or not.

9. This very real #IGAStruggle.

10. The first time you realised that it worked in your favour to have someone kind of nuts in your group.


11. This ad, that changed your reaction to rain forever.

12. The first time you school had this kind of excitement.

13. The first time you kind of ~got~ Romeo and Juliet.

14. This tiny "treat yo' self" moment.


15. This memorable moment.

16. This iconic saying.

17. This night on the town.


18. And this iconic life hack.