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20 Struggles All Girls With Super-Fine Hair Will Understand

"My hair is like... I have none." —The legendary Miss Britney Spears.

1. First things first, this is the most iconic and relevant quote you've ever seen regarding hair:

2. Your friends complain about how they get headaches because their hair is weighing them down, and you're just like:

3. Or they talk about how they went to bed with wet hair two days ago and it's still wet in the middle of their ponytail and you're like:

4. You want to get extensions, but your hairdresser tells you that you don't have enough hair to cover them up

5. Basically you have a repetitive stress injury from twisting your hair tie around, and around, and around, and around, like, a bajillion million times.

6. You want to do a sock bun but it looks ridiculous because you don't have anywhere near enough hair to cover it.

7. You curl your hair and unleash an entire can of hairspray onto it to make it hold, and 20 minutes later, it's flat as hell and you're just like:

8. I mean, seriously. What a waste of time and effort, right???? #theanguish

right after curling my hair vs. an hour after being curled.. #straighthairprobs #thinhairprobs

9. You can never wear pigtails because all of your hair is less than one of Rose McGowan's pigtails in this GIF and it looks ridiculous:

10. Wearing your hair up? You might as well just say, "Hi, have a look at my scalp."

When you think your half-up looks really cute and then notice this < #thinhairprobs

11. Yep.

“@girlposts: How other girls look with a bun vs how I look with a bun ” my life, #thinhairprobs

12. This = life.

When your brother has more hair on his beard then you do on your head... life man #thinhairprobs

13. Every morning, you basically use an entire can of dry shampoo on your roots, and yet, by the end of the day your hair looks like a greasy, matted mess worthy of a '90s grunge band.

14. When you wash your hair, you get depressed looking at the chunks of hair falling into the drain.

15. And once you get out of the shower and brush your hair, your hair brush looks like this:

All this hair is mine.. Like ewww. #thinhairprobs

16. Seeing girls with a thick, luxurious mane of hair depresses you to no end.

17. Running your fingers through your hair? NOPE.

18. You've got no "flow."

19. Wearing a beanie? Nope, now you look bald.

20. And finally, looking at all these GIFs of ladies with beautiful, thick, perfectly groomed hair makes you envious enough to flip a table like Teresa Giudice, who has more hair on her head than all of us fine-, thin-haired girls combined.