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13 Medieval Reactions That Perfectly Illustrate Your Night Out

Thanks, @MedievalReacts!

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1. For the selfie that almost was:

When you in the middle of taking a fire bathroom selfie and someone tries to open the door

2. For when you're having your "I was feeling my look CAN I LIVE?!" moment:

When your parents won't let you out because your outfit is too revealing

3. For when you're in a rush:

When the taxis coming in 10 minutes and you're not ready

4. For when you make an entrance:

Turning up late to a party and everyone's fucked like


5. For your mate who's not even going to make it to the club later:

When your mate fucks it and falls asleep on your lap

6. For when you get to the club and have to have this conversation:

When your mates are too smashed for the club and you're trying to negotiate with the bouncers like

7. For when your song comes on:

8. For a questionable hook up:

When the lights turn on in the club and you see who you've been pulling all night


9. For when you go to check your phone and this happens:

When you accidentally open the front camera

10. For when you decide to dance like no one is watching:

When you can't find your mates in the club so you start jamming on your own like

11. For when you'd really rather be at home with a pizza:

When your mates absolutely smashed but you're just not feeling it

12. For the morning after:

13. And for when your friends remind you of all the shit you did last night:

When your life's falling apart but you gotta smile through the pain like