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    32 Margaret Zhang Looks That Slay Everything

    She a fashion killa.

    This is Margaret Zhang.

    She's a writer, stylist, and creative director based in Sydney, Australia.

    She's also a photographer.

    When she's not busy with all of those jobs, she spends her time studying a double degree Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws at The University of Sydney.

    She's also one of the most fashionable women on Instagram. Here's 32 looks that prove Margaret is a FASHION QUEEN.

    1. Long-haul chic (which is a near-impossible feat, tbh).

    2. Bronzed goddess.

    3. Accessorised angel.

    4. Paris chic.

    5. Putting the royal in royal blue.

    6. Street stylin'.

    7. MEGA in mesh.

    8. Preppy perfection.

    9. Bold black and white in the big city.

    10. LBDaaaayum.

    11. Daring double denim.

    12. COLOURS.

    13. Tantalising textures.

    14. Neutral on neutral.

    15. Lush layers.

    16. Lovely in lace.

    17. Mixed prints.

    18. Lemon.

    19. Chambray glam.

    20. Culotte QUEEN.

    21. Professional fashionista.

    22. All business on top, all party on the feet.

    23. Dreamy pastels.

    24. On-the-go gorg.

    25. PLAID!

    26. Classic elegance.

    27. Striped.

    28. Baggy chic.

    29. Indigo.

    30. Patterned prettiness.

    31. BEACH BABE.

    32. This. Literally just this.