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    26 Tumblr Posts That Sum Up The One Direction/Naughty Boy Feud

    "Maybe Zayn was A the whole time."

    1. This person who logged on to all the drama and was just like...

    2. This person who casually logged on while the fandom was in meltdown.

    3. This person just needed to commemorate the moment.

    4. This person who needed a timeline just to keep up.

    5. This person who just couldn't deal with the song itself.

    6. This person who knew Louis was just waiting for a chance to pounce.

    7. This person who knows that you cannot win a fight against Louis.

    8. Like this person.

    9. And this person.

    10. This person who saw Louis was their protector.

    11. And this person who respected Louis.

    12. This person who figured Naughty Boy was regretting getting into this fight.

    13. This person who was confused and just wanted to know where Zayn was in all of this.

    14. And this person who imagined Zayn would be having second thoughts about leaving the band now.

    15. This person who needed Zayn to pick a side.

    16. This person who was side-eyeing Zayn's statement about leaving 1D in hindsight.

    17. This person who felt betrayed.

    18. And this person who felt betrayed.

    19. This person who just cared about Zayn.

    20. This person who was full of conspiracy theories.

    21. This person who was furiously stanning Zayn's new track.

    22. This person whose dream was shattered.

    23. This person who could see the future.

    24. This person who knew that they were watching history in the making.

    25. This person who wants Naughty Boy to experience the same thing that 1D did last week.

    26. And this person who was not sure they would survive.

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