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17 Struggles Of Being Lazy As Told By Tumblr

The struggle is real.

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1. When you're really comfy but you're also about to drop off the grid.

2. When you have the skills, you just don't have the ability to give a fuck.

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3. When you're about to hop on Menulog.

4. When you do the bare minimum to give the appearance of putting effort in.

5. When you leave important tasks for your future self.

6. When you literally have no fucks left to give.


7. When you have a back up plan in motion.

8. When you have casual thoughts that you'll never act on.

9. When you have this realisation.

10. When you have this struggle.

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11. When you recognise your strengths.

12. When comfort took precedence over everything even though you were no longer actually that comfortable.

13. When you had no choice but to have a second meal.

14. When this was your dream job.


15. When you think of what might've been.

16. When you'd already accomplished so much in your day.

17. And everything going on here.