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    27 Times Kylie Minogue Was The Happiest Girl On Instagram

    Celebrating good times, all the time!

    1. When she was feeling joyful.

    2. When she was feeling thankful.

    3. When she was having a blast decorating.

    4. When she was all smiles.

    5. When she was having a great time with a glowing sign of her name.

    6. When she had horse fever.

    7. When she was happy that your disco needed you.

    8. When she was as happy as all her dancers.

    9. When she smiled while celebrating.

    10. When she was all smiles meeting Shirley Manson.

    11. When she was catlike and cheerful.

    12. When she was excited to get started with rehearsals.

    13. When she was excited for the weekend.

    14. When her hotel was everything she wanted.

    15. When she was really happy for Boy George.

    16. When she had so much fun performing in Sydney.

    17. When her meal was perfection.

    18. When she was enjoying life in a sea of confetti.

    19. When she was loving lavender.

    20. When she had a great time on Graham Norton.

    21. When she was over the moon about this great look.

    22. When her dressing room made her smile.

    23. When she was loving Berlin.

    24. When she was excited to be holding a puppy.

    25. When she was hungry and happy, all at once.

    26. When she was happy with her little sister Dannii.

    27. And when her #TBT proved she was just as happy in the '80s.

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