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    The Veronicas' Jessica Origliasso Responds To Criticism That She Is Too Thin

    "I'll never be Kim Kardashian. Everyone's body is different."

    On Facebook last week, Jessica Origliasso addressed the negative comments concerning her and twin sister Lisa's weight, saying "I'm not one to shy away from confrontation and controversial subjects."

    I welcome the conversation. I believe the conversation SHOULD happen, so that I am able to reframe it to a place of reality. Get out of the self defeating cycle we are stuck believing.

    Jessica was inspired to write the post after reading an "unbelievably unfair" comment saying that "by existing at the weight we currently are, by being ourselves, we are encouraging young people to have eating disorders. "

    "I have always been small... I never grew up with the understanding that health equates a number," says Jessica, adding that her mother is also naturally small.

    Jessica asserts that it's not a number on a scale that leads to health and happiness, but rather, balance within one's lifestyle.

    It is BALANCE that EQUALS HEALTH. Physical, mental and emotional balance. And once you LIVE that lifestyle balance, THEN all these magical things start happening. HEALTH and HAPPINESS being top of the list.

    After spending her early 20s suffering from illnesses and digestive health problems, Jessica developed a passion for the subject of health and eating. "I was sick all the time," she reveals.

    What's interesting to me is that people are constantly comparing us to 2005, when we first released music.When we first released music, it was off the back of living unaccompanied in the USA finishing "The secret life of", for over a year.That meant we could eat gummy worms and beer for dinner every single night, and there was no one there to tell us otherwise.It meant we had nightly trips to Taco Bell at 2am, after parties, and little sleep.

    "We were the definition of an excessive unhealthy lifestyle," Jessica states.

    As we grew older that lifestyle was only fuelled by the TOUR lifestyle, and 'rider' of free alcohol every single night at gig venues, burger diners, that we would eat at on tour. The mountains of Crispy Kremes to make us feel better when we would get another sore throat. The constant stress and fighting, because we so deprived of any real balance, all we could do was take it out on each other.But if you ask people who 'look in' from the outside, THAT is meant to be when 'The Veronicas looked the healthiest'. What. a. joke.

    It was at that point, Jessica says, that she "hit rock bottom." "I couldn't go a week without catching the flu, or being on medication treating a throat infection."

    Jessica says that it wasn't until she began following the philosophy of Chinese medicine that she began to feel better. She says that she began "healing [her] body with 'real' food, rather than constant drugs, that ... never seemed to 'cure' anything."

    "Now I am HAPPY and HEALTHY. Still skinny. Yes. But I have always been skinny. I haven't always been healthy," she says, stating that she is "PROUD to inspire young people to gain a NEW understanding of HEALTH / BALANCE in their life!"

    "I'll never be Kim Kardashian," she concludes. "Everyone's body is different."

    Read the full statement here.