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The 15 Most Difficult Struggles Of Having A Common Name

I am an individual, just like the rest of you.

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Hi. My name is Stephanie and I was born in 1985 (although it's totally weird because I'm like actually only 24????), when Stephanie was the #6 girls' name in the world. These are my struggles.

1. When there are four people with your first name in your class of 25.


When you were organising the school's classes, did it seem like a good idea to put four Stephanies in the same class, or nah?


4. When you open your first bank account and learn that there's another person with your ~exact name~ - middle name and all - in the same neighbourhood as you, born in the same year as you.


Shout-out to the other Stephanie Marie Anderson from Adelaide's western suburbs!

5. When you hear your name being called at the coffee shop, but it's not your coffee.

...or you take the wrong coffee, and find out when you're halfway back to the office that there was another Stephanie at the coffee shop who likes her coffee with 17 thousand sugars in it.


8. When you get mistakenly tagged into conversations on social media.


I don't remember interviewing anyone about politics but it looks like good work so I guess if you want to credit me for doing it then that's fine?????


15. ...and when your name is actually awesome and you have to accept that there are many, many other awesome people out there.