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This Antipiracy Ad Will Make All Aussie '90s Kids Feel Nostalgic

Have... You... Got... What... You... Paid... For?

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Hi. Lemme set the scene for you.

20th Century Fox

It's the '90s, and you're having a sleepover with your friends.


You've just gone to the video store, and hired two overnighters and three weeklies for, like, $10.

Miramax Films

Your pizza is on the way, you're all settled in around the TV, watching the trailers at the start of your VHS.

New Line Cinema



"Have you ever bought or rented a video that wasn't quite right?"

Jive Records

"It may have been a pirate copy! An illegal and inferior copy, for which you paid good money."


"Pirated tapes are recognisable by poorly presented or photocopied jackets, poor sound, and/or picture quality."


"The lack of censor and other labels on the face and spine of the tape."


"And the absence of warnings, such as this, at the beginning of the tape presentation."

20th Century Fox

"Pirate tapes rob artists and studios of their rightful income, and add to the cost of a video to the consumer!"

"Video piracy is a major problem in Australia. Please help us stop it."

New Line Cinema

"If you buy or rent a tape which you believe is not the genuine article, please phone this toll-free number for advice."

Columbia Pictures

Relive your childhood now!

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