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25 Times Tumblr Nailed What It Was Like To Have A Crush


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1. When you developed feelings and it was just plain horrifying.

2. When you talked about it so much that your BFF knew it was the real deal.

3. When your most basic actions were clouded by thoughts of your love.

4. When you had it all under control.

5. When you came up with this flawless plan.

6. When you were like "just don't".

7. When money literally could not buy happiness.

8. When you looked on the bright side????

9. When you were always sort of... on edge.

10. ...and when you were ~really~ on edge.

11. When your crush wasn't being exclusive with you.

12. When you needed this invention yesterday.

13. When you just didn't understand.

14. When your crush had a crush too, but it wasn't on you.

15. When you were just broken.

16. When your crush actually started dating someone else.

17. When you were like "fix it, Jesus!"

18. When you pretended to be over them.

19. When you were totally, 100% fine.

20. When you literally could. Not.

21. When you came up with new and exciting ways to entice them, like hypnosis.

22. When you knew that it wasn't gonna happen but there was nothing you could do.

23. When your BFF had a crush on the same person as you, so you had no choice but to kill them.

24. When you were trapped in this awkward silence, weighing up your options.

25. And when this was literally the most perfect analogy to sum up your crush, ever.