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19 Stages You Go Through When You Discover Your First Grey Hair


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1. You suffer the initial shock.


So you're in your bathroom, doing your hair, living your life when *BOOM*! You spot a grey hair. WHAT ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY HEAD?!?!?!

2. Suddenly you are in complete and utter disbelief of the fact that there is a GREY. HAIR. ATTACHED. TO. YOUR. HEAD.

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What?! No. This can't be happening.

3. Immediately, you begin to deny the truth.


I choose to believe that this is not happening.

4. You dye the evidence away.


Greys? Nope! No greys here because I am ~~youthful~~.

5. But eventually, dyeing your hair constantly is too much work.

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6. You realise you can't actually afford to have your hair dyed professionally all the time.

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7. And the home brand dyes you can afford are destroying the rest of your hair for life.

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8. You become angry.


"I WASN'T READY FOR THIS!" you shout from the rooftops. "I AM TOO YOUNG!"

9. You angrily recall all of the people who have stressed you out in your lifetime.


"This is your fault," you mutter bitterly to yourself as you think of those who have wronged you.

10. You suddenly recall every fight you ever had with your sister.

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"I will END her," you think, glaring into the distance.

11. That time your mum didn't just back off and let you live your life.

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Yep. Her fault, too. Definitely.

12. That time you had too many secrets and A stalked and tried to murder you and your friends.

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... Okay, so maybe that didn't happen to you. But watching Pretty Little Liars can be pretty stressful, too.

13. You begin thinking of all the ways you could've prevented this.

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14. "Maybe if I'd done yoga!" you think to yourself tearfully.

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15. Maybe if you'd tried harder to get eight hours of sleep a night.


16. Maybe if this GIF wasn't an accurate representation of every time you came home in your early twenties:


17. You realise that you can't change the past.

This is happening.

18. You decide to face this new chapter of your life head on.


19. ... And once you do, you realise it's really not such a big deal.

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You are strong and independent and not defined by a few strands of hair.