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Exclusive: Hear Snippets From The Veronicas' New Album

Spoiler Alert: The album is full of bangers.

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Fact: The Veronicas are in the midst of a massive comeback.

Fact: Their self-titled album is out on November 21.

Fact: The album is incredible, and BuzzFeed Oz has some exclusive snippets to share with you.

Here's a snippet of "Cruel," which is the perfect song to sing along to in your car at the top of your lungs.

Best lyrics: "A little twist of the knife, yeah / A little salt in the cut, yeah / A little thorn in the side and it stings like hell"


Here's "Cold," your new favourite break-up bop.

Best lyrics: "Does it make you feel good / To make me feel less than I am? / Does it make you feel strong? / Like you're a big man?"

And here's "Mad Love," your new favourite upbeat pop-bop about being crazy in love.

Best lyrics: "I put up with your crazy / 'coz I'm your better half"


"Born Bob Dylan" is a classic pop-rock midtempo tune that is probably the most closely aligned with the sound of the tunes on The Veronicas' debut album The Secret Life of...


"If I don't say anything it's wrong, if I said it, it wouldn't come out right, it's been keeping me up all night."


"You and Me" is a beautifully simple song about Jess and Lisa, but even if you're not a twin, you'll be like:


"Hiding out in our secret place, in the cupboard where our mum wouldn't find us. Making up stupid words all day, our own escape."

You can pre-order The Veronicas' self-titled album here, and listen to the iTunes pre-stream from November 14.