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19 Times EB Games Had Literally No Chill

"Sooo... Are they having a sale or nah?"

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1. What's going on here?

2. Is... is this a sale?

3. What's all this about?

4. Really wish there was some way to tell if there were any bargains at EB.

5. They really need to be clearer.

6. What's happening?

7. What are all these signs about?

8. Even EB isn't sure if they're having a sale.

9. Just looking for a great game at an affordable price.

10. Wonder where you could find such a thing.

11. Are they trying to tell us something?

12. Better go in and ask if they've got any games on sale.

13. Hmmm this is confusing.

14. "Excuse me do you have a sale on?"

15. Does anyone know if EB are having a sale???

16. If only they could find a way to let their customers know when they had a sale on.

17. "Wish I knew where to find a bargain..."

18. It's just really hard to tell if there's a sale on.

19. But maybe, just maybe, they are?