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5SOS Have Changed Their Name (Temporarily???) To Doge SOS

#DogeSOS. #DogeFamily.

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So it's a regular afternoon, you're just chilling on Twitter, scrollin' like...

ABC Family

...when all of a sudden...




Many show such fun very tour grhh




Doge you wish your girlfriend was hot like me

I mean...


It appears 5 Seconds of Summer have decided to change their name to Doge SOS.

Of course, this isn't the first time the boys have changed their name...

In fact, it's not even the second time the boys have changed their name.

But it certainly hasn't stopped 5SOS fans from jumping on board.

Im not so sure why I find what Calum and Ashton have done funny.....dorks #Dogesos

Here's one immediate call to action.

Some are even calling it the "meme apocalpyse".

While others are just like "lol wut".

Or "lol why tho???"

WHY ARE THEY LIKE THIS #dogesos #dogefamily

One person posted this accurate family snapshot.

The entire fam right now #dogefamily #dogesos

While another was like "is this right??"

am I doing this right #dogesos #dogefamily

Nothing is certain about why they've done this or when they'll change it back, but for now, DogeSOS is Doge AF, and it's incredible.

When the whole band is doge af #Dogesos