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    The 16 Stages Of Waiting For A Fictional Couple To Hook Up

    The struggle is oh-so-real, as illustrated by Veep's Dan and Amy.

    1. Noticing that there's a lot of sexual tension between two characters.

    2. Thinking to yourself "these two should hook up".

    3. Seeing them pretend not to like each other and being like "I know how it really is though y'all are in love, hey".

    4. Waiting for scenes where the characters interact.

    5. Seeing them bicker and having it only strengthen your desire to have them get together.

    6. Realising that they're essentially the same person and that they HAVE to get together.

    7. When they joke about being a couple and you DIE BECAUSE YOU WANT IT TO HAPPEN SO BAD.

    8. Living for their banter because it's actual perfection.

    9. Seeing their characters evolve and grow because of the other's influence and having it warm your heart.

    10. Seeing the way they look at each other and melting.

    11. When they rely on each other during hard times and it GIVES YOU LIFE.

    12. When they're the only character who can deliver some necessary #RealTalk to the other and it cements the fact that they are perfect together.

    13. When they know when the other one isn't OK and it proves they really care about one another.

    14. When the writers endlessly torment you but you can't quit because you're hooked.


    16. And finally, re-watching scenes and screaming "WHY AREN'T YOU TOGETHERRRRRR??????"