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    The Definitive Ranking Of Savage Garden Singles

    A reunion tour is truly, madly, completely necessary.

    11. "Universe"

    Savage situation: Voting on Ugly Phil's Hot 30 with Jackie-O and being devastated when Savage Garden didn't get the #1 spot.

    10. "Hold Me"

    Savage situation: Starting high school and having to make all new friends.

    9. "Crash and Burn"

    Savage situation: Your parents won't let you go to a sleepover because they don't want you to watch Scream.

    8. "Chained To You"

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    Savage situation: Feeling this way about your first crush, who doesn't know you exist. Also, the fact that there's no official music video for "Chained To You."

    7. "I Knew I Loved You"

    Savage situation: Unrealistic expectations of love brought about by this song.

    Bonus meet-cute with baby KiKi Dunst!

    6. "The Animal Song"

    Savage situation: Mixing up the 'cannonballs' and 'animals' when singing along.

    5. "Affirmation"

    Savage situation: Junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you.

    4. "Truly Madly Deeply"

    Savage situation: Breaking your lava lamp.

    3. "To the Moon and Back"

    Savage situation: Wearing silver lip gloss to your school disco.

    2. "Break Me Shake Me"

    Savage situation: Reading Dolly magazines at the library 'coz your mum won't let you buy them.

    1. "I Want You"

    Savage situation: Not being able to buy chicka-cherry-cola. Alternately, being Joey Potter and having to watch Dawson dance with Jen to this song.

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