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21 Pictures You'll Totally Get If You're Broke With Expensive Taste

Why is everything so hard?

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1. When you have no savings because that would imply that you could even afford your lifestyle to begin with.

2. When it's payday and you just need to ignore your responsibilities and treat yo' self, for your emotional health.

3. When you're immediately filled with regret after treating yourself.

4. In fact, you're so good at working off all your extra cash that it only takes you a few hours after payday to accomplish.

5. When you realise midway through your big night out on the town that things will never get better if you don’t learn to budget.

6. When you want to stay out on a Saturday night, but you know you need to be responsible, and it makes you cranky.

7. When you're consistently disappointed by the fact that nice things cost money.

8. When you make a list of all the beautiful things that you "absolutely, definitely need" and then compare it to the amount of money sitting in your bank account.

9. When all your friends are taking amazing holidays and Instagramming everything and you're just sitting at home like...

10. When you're frustrated that you can't afford to do all the things you want to and people don't understand.

11. When you try to trick yourself into having fun during your financial crisis.

12. When you try to convince yourself that you don't need all the beautiful, expensive things you desire, but it just doesn't ring true.

13. When people ask you what you want for your birthday.

14. When you just need to stop thinking about the reality of your financial situation and pretend that everything is going great.

15. When you're lusting after something you can't afford and you regret every past decision ever.

16. When you laugh through the tears.

17. When you went into a shopping blackout and woke up the next day like...

18. When your money can't buy you happiness because you don't have enough of it.

19. When you forgot about your money woes during your holidays and now nothing adds up in your bank account so you have to get creative.

20. When you're stressed but you can't afford to do any of the things you want to do to unwind.

21. And when this is 90% of your life.