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42 Times Boo And Buddy Were The Cutest Dogs In The World In 2014

First things first they're the cutest.

1. When they went camping inside.

2. When Boo was sleepy and fluffy.

3. When Buddy was inquisitive.

4. When they were all disheveled after their walk in the rain.

5. When Buddy was like "YAAASS BELLY RUB YAAASS!"

6. When they hid amongst a bunch of impostors.

7. When they recreated Michelangelo's Creation of Adam.

8. When they were like "Who's this guy?"

9. When Boo photobombed Buddy.

10. When they were like "Let's go! We're ready!"

11. When Boo nuzzled Buddy's neck and Buddy just went with it.

12. When it was Boo's birthday.

13. When it was bath time.

14. When it was nap time.

15. When they had a slumber party.

16. When they were dangerous.

17. When Boo just really wanted to hang out with his best Buddy.

18. When the celebrated for no reason.

19. When they peeked over this seat.

20. When they were all smiles.

21. When they celebrated Easter.

22. When they were pampered pups in Vegas.

23. When they visited the Grand Canyon.

24. When Boo made this deal.

25. When they took a moment to smell some flowers.

26. When Boo was a Boo-Rex.

27. When Boo played peek-a-BOO.

28. When it was Buddy's birthday.

29. When they were patriotic.

30. When they happily posed for the camera.

31. When they visited the Big Apple.

32. When they visited wine country.

33. When Boo was studious.

34. When playtime was over :(

35. When Buddy offered this True Love Tip:

36. When Boo was a personal space invader.

37. When they played hopscotch.

38. When they were like "YAY ROAD TRIP!"

39. When they were bandits for Halloween.

40. When they climbed these stairs.

41. When Boo met Liam Payne.

42. When they overindulged on Thanksgiving.