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The 16 Best Places To Buy Vinyl Records In Australia

Whether you're looking for a huge range or just one hard-to-find vinyl, these stores have got your back!

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Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us where to find the best vinyl record stores in Australia. Here’s what they came up with…

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1. Crackle and Pop Records, Adelaide.

Crackle and Pop have an eclectic selection that you can peruse while enjoying a coffee or wine, depending on where they've set up shop for the day! Look for them at your local market, coffee shop, bar or winery. Submitted by markcccc.

2. Clarity Records, Adelaide.

Clarity Records is known for its excellent vinyl selection, as well as its extensive range of local artists. Submitted by Reecently.

3. The Record Exchange, Brisbane.

One of Australia's largest record dealers, The Record Exchange boasts a wonderful selection of new and old music in various formats, as well as DVDs. A must for anyone in Brisbane! Submitted by ebonyb4d7e237ac.

4. Butter Beats, Brisbane.

Head down to Brisbane's Butter Beats for all your rare and hard-to-find vinyl, as well as other collectible pop culture memorabilia! Submitted by sethtfellows.

5. Rocking Horse, Brisbane.

Queensland's oldest record store, Rocking Horse has won a ton of ARIA awards, including one for being Australia's Outstanding Physical Retail store in 2014. Submitted by denzilb2.

6. Songland Records, Canberra.

Get lost for hours at Songland, which was voted Aussie Indie Store of the year in 2012. They are also a licensed Ticketek seller, which is v. handy. Submitted by Coedy Marwood, Facebook.

7. Mills Records, Fremantle.

Mills Records will go out of their way to track down whatever obscure product you're searching for, and they also host live music, what could be better?! Submitted by Elliet86.

8. Atlantis Music, Gold Coast.

Aside from a great selection of vinyl, Atlantis also boasts all the memorabilia you could want, with everything from drumsticks to hard-to-find promotional kits for all your faves. Submitted by Mikayla Kerr, Facebook.

9. Dixons Recycled, Melbourne.

With multiple locations since 1976, Dixons Recycled is a must for record lovers, as well as those looking for CDs, films and other hard-to-find collectables. Submitted by lisad432549fa2.

10. Northside Records, Melbourne.

Stop by Northside for a browse and a bargain! Submitted by Leni Ciuro, Facebook.

11. Rathdowne Records, Melbourne.

Enjoy live music while you flick through Rathdowne's excellent selection and pat Peko, Rathdowne's resident pup! Submitted by annag4d4cc25de.

12. 78 Records, Perth.

I mean, doesn't this queue for Record Store Day say it all? Submitted by Lauren Eckhart, Facebook.

13. Red Eye Records, Sydney.

Sydney's largest independent record store. Look at dat range! Submitted by garwint.

14. Beatdisc Records, Sydney.

Western Sydney's must-shop stop for all music fans, whether it's a local artist or an imported record, Beatdisc is where it's at. Submitted by garwint.

15. Utopia Records, Sydney.

The first and last place name in record stores when it comes to metal. Submitted by leslieheadphonesb.

16. Egg Records, Sydney and Brisbane.

Customer service is the name of the game for Egg Records, and they keep their customers happy by offering them a fun shopping experience while finding them the vinyl that other stores cannot. Submitted by Bianca Kezia Grieve, Facebook.

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