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    The 24 Realest Tumblr Posts About Pay Day

    Help me, I'm poor.

    1. When you want a drink to ease your worries but literally can't afford it.

    2. When you know all your troubles are about to end.

    3. When you have a strong plan for the future and a realistic view of yourself.

    4. When you realise that the sum of your outgoing money is bigger than your income.

    5. When you know how your week is going to go.

    6. When pay day hits and it's the weekend.

    7. When you literally can't wait to drop cash everywhere.

    8. When it physically hurts you to pay bills.

    9. When you're aware of your true place in life.

    10. When it's so close and you just keep checking your bank balance.

    11. When pay day has ARRIVED and you *just* made it.

    12. When you get paid and remember what it's like to feel happiness.

    13. When pay day is a... sexual... experience??

    14. When you know it's time to TREAT. YO. SELF.

    15. When you have newfound, pay day confidence.

    16. When you're on the pay day rollercoaster called life.

    17. When you get paid but it's not going to cut it.

    18. When taxes are literally ruining your life.

    19. When you go overboard on day one and suffer the consequences.

    20. When you're forced to face the reality of your situation.

    21. When you get paid and you're still a peasant.

    22. When you check your account and didn't even realise it was pay day (because apparently this is a thing that happens to people????????).

    23. When you're living out the rarest of rare occasions - having LEFTOVER money from your last pay day.

    24. And when you just need it to be pay day again.

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