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25 Times Tumblr Nailed Your Star Sign

Tumblr knows what type of child you were, what work of art you are, and what your guilty pleasures are.

1. If you were a Katy Perry song:

2. If you were a work of art:

3. Your approach to tattoos:

4. Your secrets:

5. If you were an Arctic Monkeys song:

6. Your parenting style:

7. When you're at a buffet:

8. What kind of bitch you are:

9. If you were a flower:

10. If you were a GIF from The Office:

11. If you were a pizza:

12. How you communicate:

13. When you talk about aliens:

14. What you're like at a concert:

15. When you find out someone's been talking behind your back:

16. Your aesthetic:

17. Your guilty pleasure:

18. If you were in a fairytale:

19. Your shoe brand:

20. Your dad joke:

21. How you dealt with Zayn's departure:

22. If you were a weird '90s trend:

23. What you were like as a child:

24. If you were pasta:

25. When you have time alone: